LivestockOne is the efficient, web-based way to track and manage groups of animals.

LivestockOne lets you make use of electronic ID (RFID or radio-frequency identification) and automatic drafters to manage groups of animals based on liveweight, age, breed, health treatments and other criteria – all without having to worry about identifying each individual.

LivestockOne provides a one-touch system, letting you capture data in the field using a rugged handheld computer or Windows Mobile cell phone, and then have that data automatically fed into a database. No retyping or trying to manipulate files in spreadsheets.

As the database is held centrally, you can share access to information with your staff, management, or even other parties such as those involved in supply contracts. There’s no risk of your home or farm computer dying and taking with it all your hard-won farm information – our online database is backed up nightly.

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